Fort Garry Fire Trucks named as Bronto Skylift distributor in North America

A New Announcement

Bronto Skylift Inc. is pleased to announce that Fort Garry Fire Trucks Ltd. (FGFT) has been named as a distributor providing sales, service and parts of Bronto Skylift aerial platforms in North America.

FGFT is the largest fire apparatus manufacturer in Canada, with its manufacturing headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Customers are mainly cities, towns, and municipalities throughout Canada, the US and abroad.

“This is a long journey, but with all enthusiasm I see among Fort Garry people, there is no doubt it would not be successful”, says Janne Pulkkinen, Vice President of Bronto Skylift Inc.

FGFT personnel participating in Bronto Skylift’s training day.

Stay tuned for more information on Bronto Skylift service and distribution from us at Fort Garry Fire Trucks.

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