MSO: J0081
Customer: Siren Fire Association
City/Town: Siren, Wisconsin
Delivery Date: November 17, 2020
Model Year: 2021
Chassis Make: Freightliner
Chassis Model: M2-112
Pump: Waterous CX 1500
Body Style: 4 Man Crown ER Pumper
Tank Construction: CoPoly (1,440 US Gallons)

Contact:  Steve Suche, International and Government Sales [email protected] – Laura Scherza, Contract Administrator [email protected]  1-800-565-3473

Federal Signal Emergency and Scene Light Package, Zico hydraulic ladder rack, Smart Power, model HR-6, 6200 watt hydraulic generator, Waterous Cx1500 pump with Foam Pro 2001 Class A Foam system.