Township of Montague Fire Service


MSO: M0970
Customer: Township of Montague
City/Town: Smith Falls
Delivery Date: April 2019
Model Year: 2019
Chassis Make: Freightliner
Chassis Model: M2-106
Pump: Hale DSD1250 Top Enclosed Control
Body Style: Emergency Rescue
Body Construction: Aluminum Marine Grade
Tank Construction: CoPoly (1000 Imperial Gallons)
Foam System: Foam Pro 2001

Salesman:  Peter Somerton – Ontario Central East Regional Manager~~Fort Garry Fire Trucks~~53 Bergen Cutoff Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba~~
Phone: 800-565-3473 Ext 2005 ~~Email:[email protected]

We at Fort Garry Fire Trucks Ltd would sincerely like to thank the Fire Chief Miles Greer and the Township of Montague  for their most recent purchase.