Town or Wolseley and RM of Wolseley / Wolseley Fire Department


MSO: M0932
Customer:  Town or Wolseley and  RM of Wolseley / Wolseley Fire Department
City/Town: Wolesley, Saskatchewan
Delivery Date: November 2018
Model Year: 2019
Chassis Make: Freightliner
Chassis Model: M2 106 2 Door
Body Style:   FGFT Four Man Crown Pumper Enclosed Control
Body Construction: Alum 5083 Saltwater Marine Grade Aluminum
Tank: 1000 Imperial Gallon
Pump: Darley PSP1250 – PTO

Salesman:  Lance Spencer, Manitoba & Saskatchewan Regional Manager ([email protected]) Phone: 204-594-3475 direct

We at Fort Garry Fire Trucks would like to sincerely thank the Town of Wolseley and the RM of Woleseley along with the Wolseley Fire Department for their most recent purchase.